Introduction of Tsunami, High Water Observation
Facility arrangement

What is a Tunami?
Tsunami says the large-scale wave that happens caused by sudden up or down of ocean bottom.
Tsunami is carried out in an instant, destroys an area along the shore, and brings us serious damage.
so, few seacoasts of the world are throughly free from the fear of sudden fatal attack of tsunami, sometimes without warning.
The tide level meter / tsunami meter of KENEK Corporation can be helped because of reducing the damage.

Effect of introduce Tsunami,
High Water Observation facility by Tide Level meter.

  • Free from dangerous observation work at the field.
  • Dispatch of Disaster prevention center staff is not necessary.
    (Safety of people first)
  • Able to monitoring the rain storm in the building.
  • Can be obtained real time accurate data.
  • Able to take quick inhabitants evacuation counter-measure.
  • Show the power of long time Tsunami observation, such as night time.
  • Easy maintenance and low cost running fee.
[Example of application]

[Example of Tsunami, High Water Observation System]

Measure the tide level by detector and transmitter installed on seashore, send data to town office or Police Station, and can be observed tide level always.
Above Figure is showing the component example of observe at 2 places simultaneously and can be monitoring at Town office,Port and coast defense,and Port Administration Bureau.

[Measurement principle]
Measure the tide level by the time of returned Ultrasonic wave emitted from detector after reflected on the sea- surface, Therefore, can be measured water level without touching water surface, less damages and not adhere organism. Assures long period ofstabilized use without maintenance.

As the system of emitting air, construction in the water is not necessary, install on existing wharf or pier, and construction is relatively low and simple.
Also, monitoring from distant place is possible by just installed exclusive telephone line.

[Example of Tide Level Observation Pole (Iwate Pref. Taro town)]

Example of the pole attached detector and transmitter. Required power source and telephone exclusive circuit. Transmitter can be installed to the near-by building also.

[Installed place] as of year 2004

[Main tsunami observed till present]@Tsunami was observed by our system.
  • June 24, 2001 Off-coast earthquake of Peru
  • Sept 26, 2003 Tokachi off-coast earthquake

Detector. Transmitter
SystemUltrasonic wave air emitting system
Measuring Range14 m. (1 m from standard surface of detector is blind zone)
Measuring accuracy (+/-)1 cm (windless, static water)
Sampling 0.1 second
OutputTransmit data to telephone exclusive line every 10 sec.
Power source AC100(+/-)10V 50/60Hz about 40VA
Built-in no-power failure power source
(Back-up timeabout 10 hours DC12V)
Dimensions/Weight Detector 200(W)x380(H)x200(D)mm 5 kg (approx)
Transmitter 360(W)x760(H)x300(D)mm 20 kg (approx)
Computer DOS/V machine satisfied following descriptions
CPU Movement Clock more than 1GHz
Memory more than 1GB
Hard disk more than 1GB space (according to saved Data)
O S Windows(R) 7
Others Monitor with display 1024 X 768 & Display adaptor
COM board more than one. Printer (A4 size correspond
to color print.) CD-ROM drive, Key Board and mouse
Option No-power failure power source For receiver
(Back-up time about 5 hours.)

  • Please consult with us for any other specification or addition.